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!! PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE !! 100 % positive feedback on ebay and Best Selling filter on Amazon.com


If you are  suffering from allergies and/or would like to prevent it due to pollen, dust and mold, taking measures to prevent pollen allergy is possible with the Nose Mask Pit.“Nose Mask Pit, ” is manufactured by Bio-International Co., Ltd. Japan and uses a high-quality polyester spun bond non-woven cloth filter with a pollen filtration rate of 100% (Click on Test result above for Testing Certificate), and provides superior safety with its anti-bacterium and mildew proof finish as well as the removal of pollen. It is drug free alternative treatment offering relief from hay fever,bronchitis,sinusitis,asthma, allergens and allergies and will improve the quality of the air you breathe in through your nose. The Nose Mask Pit is widely utilized not only for anti-pollen measures against escalating hay fever, but also for prevention of dust, household chemicals (aerosol), viruses and other airborne particles size more than 10microns. Protect your self from air pollution, exhuase vehicle smogs.Play with your pets and at same time get protection from allergies, stuffy nose. This filter is non toxic and latex free.

How to use: Please insert gently in to the nose.

Each filter can be used from 3-5 days depending on the environment.

This filter is suitable for people suffering from allergies, professional cleaners, landscaping workers,hospital visitors,yard work,mold cleaning services ,construction workers,Travelers, commuters,older school kids


    Ekonose Mask pack of 5 in      carrying case


For those who are suffering due to runny nose and severe allergies due to dust and pollen,  Ekonose mask is an evolved pollen prevention mask is one of solution! “Ekomask” is an evolved pollen prevention mask, and its filter is sponge-shapes to stop the pollen that causes hay fever. In addition to pollen removal, this mask also acts as a nasal plug to suppress a runny nose due to pollen sensitivity. The “Ekonose mask” plays the double role of filter to remove pollen and stopper to suppress runny noses.

How to use: Please dip the filter in to the water, drain well  for reuse "Ekonose mask" and then insert in to the nose.

  ekonose mask can be used 2-3 times after wash gently until warn out.






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